Kimbo's Recording Studio   • quiet surroundings
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  • digital technology
  • very affordable rates
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  • world-class on-call musicians
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Kimbo's Studio
  about the studio
♪  How much does it cost to record at Kimbo's Studio?
    Only $25 per hour, and there's no additional charge to use any of our available equipment.
♪  What do I need to bring with me to record?
    Well, if you're a musician, you'll want to bring the gear & equipment you feel comfortable playing on
    (or through). Although Kimbo's Studio does have a wide variety of amps & instruments available for
    your use at no additional charge, most musicians prefer to use their own gear. Drummers, however,
    might appreciate not having to lug their own kit, and so we have a top-of-the-line Pearl drumkit that
    sounds great. But, drummers will want to bring their own cymbals, sticks, drum throne and any other
    accessories that are important to them (such as a kick pedal).
    If you're recording audio tracks (poetry, a capella singing, etc) or commercials, you'll only need to
    bring yourself and a few copies of your lyrics, prose or ad copy ... but if your commercial requires
    sound effects or background music, you'll need to provide that as well.
♪  Can I bring previously-recorded tracks to remix or to record over top of?
    You sure can, but the format of the tracks must be compatible with our software. Please contact the
    studio directly for more information about pre-recorded format requirements.
♪  How long will my project take?
    That will depend entirely upon the number of tracks you'll be recording, and whether you'll choose to
    record all parts simultaneously (as in a band playing all together, at once) or record individual tracks
    using a reference (or "click") track.
    What is highly recommended, however, is to come prepared. Know your material. You don't want to
    pay an hourly rate to rehearse your music or lines.
♪  I'm a solo artist and don't have a band. Does the studio have musicians on call?
    Kimbo's Studio works with a large network of top-notch musicians who are available to work with you
    on your project. While their rates vary from player to player, feel free to check out our roster of
    available musicians here. And, don't worry ... we'll do all the work coordinating schedules.
♪  Will Kimbo's Studio manufacture the hundreds (or thousands) of CDs that I'll need?
    Kimbo's Studio does not offer CD duplication services. We highly recommend using DiscMakers, one
    of the leading companies in the world ... and we'll happily help you with that process, including
    setting up your account and providing the necessary artwork templates. Through our partnership with
    Ghost Stroke Graphic Works, we can also offer you graphic design & CD artwork design at rates
    far lower than those of DiscMakers and similar services.

    Have other questions?  Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help you!
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